Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quest for the best full frame digital camera, Day 1

This is a new blog so I would like to start off in saying why I created it.  I love photography.  I am no professional though, I keep it as a hobby.  I would though love to be able to one day upgrade to a full frame camera instead of the D7000 that I have now.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Nikon, but, I want better!  This desire though definitely comes with a price tag!  So, each week in my quest to find the best full frame camera for me while getting the best price/performance in the areas I am looking for, I will post my results.  I have been looking over at ForMyCamera.Com.  They have some great prices on alot of stuff. Especially on their lenses although not a huge selection.  They do have a growing supply of photography supplies camera bags, photo printers and SD cards and hopefully by the end of my quest they will have what I need at a great price.